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NGEC to sponsor KEMEP Awards

National Gender and Equality Chairperson Winfred Lichuma has expressed the Commission’s willingness to sponsor an award in the Gender and Sexual reproductive categories in the Kenya Media Network on Population and Development (KEMEP) Awards.

Lichuma’s remarks came as she challenged reporters and editors to follow up on stories especially those touching on sexual and gender based violence to ensure survivors are assisted and justice is served. “Let us not rest after reporting a story about defilement, rape or any other form of sexual and gender based violence. Reporters should follow up with the justice system and find out whether justice is served and in a timely manner”. Said Lichuma

She was speaking during the 7th annual KEMEP awards ceremony where reporters in the print and electronic media were awarded prizes for exemplary stories on Population, Gender, Sexual reproductive health, Female Genital mutilation, Family Planning and Disaster and Crisis Management at a Nairobi Hotel.

During the event, Lichuma urged KEMEP to come up with a formula to ensure public participation in evaluating the stories submitted by journalists. “I appeal to the judges to ensure they bring on board other stakeholders and invite the public to vote on stories they think had a major impact. There is need to develop a standard benchmark for each thematic category of stories submitted to ensure the best researched story is rewarded”. She added.

 Lichuma said the Gender and Equality Commission is ready to train journalists to understand gender and sexual reproductive health issues in order to bolster their capacity to report accurately and from an informed point of view. KEMEP’s Chairman Ken Mijungu promised to expand the judge’s bench to bring on board experts to assist in adjudicating the stories in the next entries.

KEMEP is an association of journalists dealing in advocacy journalism on population and development, gender and reproductive health issues and is sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund, (UNFPA) and  the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD).

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