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Mainstream SIGs issues; Lichuma urges Counties

NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma has called on county secretaries to mainstream issues of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the running of county government functions. At a sensitization forum for all the 47 county secretaries held in Nairobi, Lichuma also asked the county bosses to ensure vulnerable persons participate in county development through jobs and access to friendly amenities and assistive devices especially to persons with disability.

 “If we do this then everyone including persons with disability will feel that they live in dignity,” said Lichuma as she stressed the importance of being sensitive to the needs of vulnerable persons and having facilities that are easily and freely accessible to them as per article 43 of the Constitution.

Lichuma also asked county secretaries to ensure that their County budgets cater for the needs of SIGs saying it is mandatory for buildings to have well marked and reserved parking slots for PWDs as well as sign language interpreters in public offices.

She lauded governors for appointing women in their cabinets and urged them to apply affirmative action to include Persons with disability, youths as well as minority groups in key county decision making organs as envisaged in the Constitution.

Present during the two days sensitization forum were representatives from the Commission on administrative Justice (CAJ), Transition Authority, Public Service Commission among others.

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