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NGEC lauds C.A.R for electing woman head of State

Following the election of Catherine Samba Panza as interim President of the Central African Republic C.A.R, NGEC sent a message of congratulation terming her victory as strategic and crucial at a time when C.A.R was undergoing sectarian unrest. Samba becomes the third woman president in the continent after Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Malawi’s Joyce Banda.                                                                  

NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma termed Panza’s election as a vindication that women can and are up to the task of managing national affairs and to be relied on in providing the voice of reason in the middle of incessant political wrangling.  “Just as Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been able to deliver in Liberia, we certainly need to give support to Her Excellency Catherine Samba Panza since we are sure she has what it takes to liberate C.A.R”. said Lichuma.

Lichuma called on the Kenyan leadership, women and the general public to emulate C.A.R’s example adding that a time when women participation in leadership positions through elective and appointive positions continues to be dismal and glossed over, the Central African Republic development provided a platform to remind all of us that women have the potential and capacity to rise to top national leadership positions.

At the same time, the Chairperson urged the Executive, the National Assembly and all county governments to ensure they promote and adhere to the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination.

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NGEC lauds C.A.R for electing woman head of State



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