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NGEC intervenes to restore Naivasha disability center

The National Gender and Equality Commission has brokered a truce between Naivasha sub district hospital and the Disability Resource and Information Center (DRIC) after personnel at the center were ejected from the premises by the management of Naivasha sub district hospital under unclear circumstances.

It is understood that through a partnership understanding with Naivasha District Hospital, DRIC had been accommodating the hospital’s occupational therapy and physiotherapy departments meant to serve persons with disabilities who also DRIC’s clients.

 However in an unexplained turn of events the hospital took over the management of the building without the consent of and or concurrence by DRIC who are the owners of the building. The move sparked a bitter standoff prompting NGEC to intervene.

Commissioner Simon Ndubai while in Naivasha on a fact finding mission met and held discussions with the Doctor in charge Mr. Mburu where it was agreed that the Centre be allowed back into its premises.

The two agreed that in the event of future misunderstandings, the matter be referred to the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services for intervention since they register and monitor activities of community based organisation’s dealing with issues of persons with disabilities.

Photo: Commissioner Ndubai at DRIC Center,Naivasha

NGEC’s intervenes to restore Naivasha disability center



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