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NGEC joins in International Albinism Awareness day celebrations

The National Gender and Equality Commission joined the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in celebrating the inaugural International Albinism Awareness day at the KICC.

The event brought together  various government agencies notably; the Ministry of labour, social security and services, the National Gender and Equality Commission, the National Council for persons with disabilities, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the Albinism Society of Kenya, Kenya Society for the blind, Dr. Choksey Albinism Foundation and Kenyans in marking  such auspicious  event.

The Commission chairperson Winfred Lichuma called for inclusion of persons with Disabilities in national development noting that the issues affecting the deaf were hardly mentioned in national issues despite forming a large population. The also chair called for a national census to establish the correct numbers and thus the statistics to inform the government’s interventions for persons with disabilities.

 Ms. Lichuma reiterated the commission’s commitment towards inclusion of all its women, PWDs, children, youth, minority and marginalised groups who remain disproportionately unrepresented.

The albinism day is celebrated annually towards highlighting the plight of persons with albinism who are marginalized among the persons with disability because of the myths associated with albinism. This year’s day was themed ‘Beyond the limits’.




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