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NGEC,FIDA hold National Conference on Gender equality

The National Gender and Equality commission joined the federation of Women Lawyers-Kenya in the National Conference on gender equality at the Laico Regency Hotel- Nairobi.

The event was graced by Hon Della A Sowah the Ghanaian Deputy Minister, Ministry of gender Children and social protection.  The event was aimed at advocating for the affirmative action on the gender rule and build the capacity of women in participating in political activity.

Through the Chairperson Commissioner Winfred Lichuma , NGEC was able to update the delegates on the progress of the Technical Working Group proposal that was in the office of the Attorney General waiting to be presented in the national assembly in the near future.

The Chairperson urged the Members of parliament, state officers concerned to provide political goodwill and support that was necessary to ensure that the bill passes once it is brought on the flow of parliament.

She urged the players in the game not to down their tools, not to move back as they had made progressive steps in the realization of the two thirds gender principle. At the same time, she emphasized that the affirmative action is not a competition among between the male and female gender rather it was a means to ensure inclusivity and equality in political representation.

Commissioner Catherine Muma of the CIC echoed the Ms. Lichuma’s sentiments insisting that that all actors must work round the clock to ensure that they beat the 27th August deadline set by the Supreme Court or else there is risk of a constitutional crisis.

 Others dignitaries who attended the event include the Ghanaian  High commissioner to Kenya, Hon Maatha Karua, Hon Milly Mabona and other invited guests from all the fourty seven counties in Kenya. 

NGEC joins FIDA in the National Conference on Gender equality



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