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NGEC holds meeting with stakeholders on Gender Rule

National Gender and Equality Commission joined Civil society groups and Development partners on 14th Tuesday at Intercontinental Hotel to discuss on the progress made on the  two-thirds gender rule journey  and possible actions to be taken once the decision has be made by legislators.

Winfred Lichuma, chairperson NGEC began by setting the background information by giving a summary of the report agreed upon by the technical working group on the best formula to implement the rule and thanked development partners and civil society groups for their continued support.

She continued to site challenges and problems faced by women in Kenya towards realization of the rule among them being the problem to convince voters to vote them in, women and persons with disability coming to ground late and changing the reality on the ground by engaging men and women at grassroots level.

Winfred Lichuma who is also the chairperson of the Technical Working Group urged the registrar of political parties and IEBC to strengthen article 90 of the constitution and develop a system of nomination by political parties to avoid discrimination.

Njeri Kabeberi of CMD presented a harmonized plan b that tends to invoke article 261 of the constitution if the parliament does not pass the legislation which will see them sent home.

Key Development partners present were UN Women, UNDP, IRD, Norwegian Embassy, French Embassay, women Empowerment link among others.

NGEC holds meeting with stakeholders on Gender Rule



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