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Children agencies to streamline partnerships and interventions

A multisectoral coordination meeting convened by NGEC and bringing State and non-state actors dealing with children’s issues has flagged out four strategic pillars namely Survival, Development, Protection and Participation as key in informing the priority interventions for children by the agencies involved.

The meeting, the first in a series of coordination forums that the Commission will be hosting regularly aims at creating a focal point for setting the agenda for gender equality and freedom from discrimination for the Kenyan child.

During the meeting chaired by Commissioner Dr.Florence Nyokabi who convenes the Youth and Children program, participants cited uncoordinated interventions and lack of awareness on referral mechanisms as some of the challenges undermining the realization of children rights.

Stakeholders lamented that the existing legal framework has failed to project the issues of children in a prominent manner adding that the County governments seemed less concerned in designing policies and programmes to address the welfare of the children.

He challenged the Commission to promote the full realization of Children’s rights as provided in the Constitution and ensure full mainstreaming of issues of children in social and economic spheres. Participants agreed to set up a technical working group to deliberate on priority issues touching on the child in Kenya.



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