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Share Data on Cash Transfer Program-NGEC

NGEC Vice chairperson Simon Ndubai has urged the national government to share information on the administration of the cash transfer programme for ease of monitoring. Ndubai said the Commission is finding it hard to monitor the disbursement of the money to special interests groups thereby raising fears that the kitty could be embezzled.

He made the remarks in Kajiado County on the occasion to mark the International Day of older persons. The theme for 2016, “Take a Stand against Ageism”, challenges everyone to consider ageism – the negative attitudes and discrimination based on age - and the detrimental impact it has on older people.

Commissioner Ndubai called on caregivers of older persons to be at the front line in sensiziting the society against discriminating older persons. Kajiado county Governor David Nkedianye said his government would continue to pursue policies and programs that promote the welfare of senior citizens.

The Commission awarded certificates of recognition to ten care givers for their exemplary work in taking care of the elderly in Kajiado County.



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