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Plans to initiate an integrated transport policy underway

The National Gender and Equality Commission has held discussions with representatives from the UN Habitat on mainstreaming accessibility and mobility for vulnerable groups using the Kenyan public transport system. 

According to initial plans the project will commence with sensitization of various stakeholders in the public transport sector bringing in government agencies, industry manufacturers, public service vehicle owners and operators on the increased return on investments of ensuring improved access and mobility for older persons, persons with disability, children and expectant mothers using public transport.

The move will culminate in the formulation of an integrated public transport policy framework and guidelines that will see the gradual introduction of vehicles with more accessible designs as well as an accommodative transport infrastructure.

Public service vehicles will feature disability friendly structures such as low-floors and ramps. Other features would include audible and visual announcements on board and at stations to enable people with sensory impairment and learning disabilities to travel with confidence.



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