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NGEC urges MCK to crack whip on Weekly Citizen over nude photos

The National Gender and Equality Commission has written to the Media Council of Kenya demanding action against the Weekly Citizen Newspaper for publishing nude pictures of a woman. On Monday Dec 5, the Newspaper published naked pictures purported to be of Siaya County nominated MCA Ms. Rosemary Ogutu after they were allegedly leaked through the social media platform WhatsApp.

In the letter, the Commission said the Weekly Citizen contravened all ethical standards touching on privacy, gender discrimination, obscenity, taste, tone in reporting and use of pictures and names. The Commission pointed out that the media code of conduct requires that the public's right to know shall be weighed against the privacy rights of people in the news. “The publishing of naked images of a woman without an attempt to conceal her face is a blatant form of gender discrimination laced with sexism and malice. Apart from the photos being obscene and offending public decency, the weekly citizen succeeded in depicting and objectifying women as sex objects”. Read the statement in part.

Chairperson Winfred Lichuma demanded that Weekly Citizen publishes a public apology and recalls all its December 5th-11th copies from circulation. The Commission also asked the Media Council of Kenya to take appropriate action on the Weekly Citizen with a view of ensuring that the newspaper ceases to publish offensive literature and complies with the code of conduct and other relevant laws, rules and regulations governing their work.



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