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Call for alternative strategies to implement two thirds gender principle

Cabinet Secretary Ministry of public service, youth and gender affairs Prof. Margaret Kobia called for an alternative strategy in ensuring the realization of the not more than two thirds gender principle in political representation. Prof. Kobia made the remarks at a colorful event organized by the Commission to launch a report on the Journey in search of a framework for the realization of the not more than two thirds gender principle.

She said failure by parliament to pass the proposed law signaled the need to re-examine strategies to ensure the implementation of the Constitution in relation to the principles of equality and inclusion.

“I invite the Commission to take lead in examining all possible routes within and without the legislative framework to chart out a practical road map that will lead us to the desired outcome of equal representation”. Said Kobia.

Chairperson Dr. Joyce Mutinda said the Commission is actively engaging stakeholders including the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee of the National Assembly to come up with a legislative framework for the implementation of article 100 of the Constitution. “ Despite the loss of the Bill in the National Assembly, we reiterate our stand that achieving the not more than two-thirds gender principle is a constitutional imperative. The Constitution of Kenya provides a solid ground for entrenching the principles of equality and inclusion in all spheres of life including political representation as an irreducible minimum”. Said Dr. Mutinda.

The report: “Journey to Gender Parity in Political Representation: Search of a framework for the realization of the not more than two-thirds gender principle” was documented by the Commission to form a case study for use at continental and international level to countries that may wish to implement such a principle. Locally, the report will be used to form the basis for negotiations towards implementation of the two-thirds principle.

Commission Secretary Betty Nyabuto said the Commission would continue to pursue the two thirds agenda until a solution is found.



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