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Disability And Elderly

The core function of the Disability and Elderly program is to effectively monitor and promote mainstreaming of issues of disability and elderly in governance structures in order to achieve substantive equality and inclusion at all levels. The program systemically addresses discrimination and human rights issues such as participation and marginalisation affecting persons with disability and older members of the society in accordance with Articles 27, 54 and 57 of the constitution and international commitments signed by Kenya.

The program is the focal disability point following designation of the commission as the monitoring agency under Article 33(2) of the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (CRPD) in 2014 by the Attorney General of Kenya. The program monitors compliance of the convention by the state and non-state actors and seeks to secure the rights of PWDs as envisioned in the Convention.

The program seeks to promote the participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in their own affairs as well as public in the country. The program further seeks to highlight issues of Older Persons such as social insecurity in the country and how they can participate in sustainable development in the country.

In execution of the above responsibilities, the program performs following functions:

  1. Coordinates state and non-state actors on disability and elderly issues to ensure participation and inclusion for substantive equality and inclusion
  2. Monitors the compliance in issues of disability and ageing in accordance with the legislation and laws of the country
  3. Conducts audits on the status of disability and ageing for advisories to the government on emerging issues thereof based on evidence
  4. Facilitates public education programmes & engagements in promoting inclusion and participation of vulnerable groups in their own programmes
  5. Reviews proposed legislation to ensure conformity and compliance to human rights principles and standards on disability and ageing as prescribed by the Constitution 



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